Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions we often get asked, together with answers, of course!


What Is Your Graduation?

Your Graduation is a system designed to make the administration of a graduation ceremony as easy as possible.


Hire or Buy?

While most hire, it is possible to buy your academic dress. If the buy option is not listed on this page please complete your hire order, then email with your order number.

Size Guide

We require your full height, chest and head measurements to provide you with the correct sized gown and hat. We always carry spares on the day if you are unsure and all hats are fitted by our staff.

Gown Collection

This will be clearly sign posted on the day.

Gown Return

Gowns to be returned on the day, the location will be clearly sign posted if different from the collection point. All gowns are tagged with your name and this is used as proof of return; all hired items must be returned and are chargeable at retail price if lost or damaged.

Gown Colours

Gowns will be black, hood colours differ depending on your award.

Extended Hire

Keep your gown for an extra week to have photographs with family and friends who couldn’t attend the ceremony. We provide you with a pre-paid returns bag so all you need to do is post it back to us after 1 week.

What Should You Wear Under The Gown?

Traditionally most graduands wear dark clothes with light or white shirts or blouses. As this is a formal occasion smart attire should be worn.  More about this


Where/When Are Photos Taken?

Photography takes place before the ceremony in our studio area that is set up adjacent to where the ceremony is taking place.


Ticket Limits

This is how many guest tickets you can order.

Extra Ticket Requests

Should you require extra tickets you can request them, however this is not guaranteed.

When Will You Be Contacted Regarding Extra Tickets?

It is likely that once the initial closing date has passed, you may be contacted should extra tickets become available.

Where Do You Collect Your Tickets?

You will be notified by your institution where to collect tickets on the day.