Graduation Gown Hire

Your Graduation holds a large number of graduation gowns, hoods and hats in store for many different institutions and awards.

We store our gowns hanging up to prevent creasing as we believe the creased appearance seen so often at graduation ceremonies is unacceptable. We also normally have Velcro on our graduation gowns and hoods to eliminate the dangerous use of pins which not only speeds up the robing process on the day but also allows the photographer to place the graduand in the optimum pose without extensive unpinning and repinning. It also eliminates the “off-the-shoulder” look seen at so many graduations.

We also pride ourselves on being able to supply staff gowns for a very wide range of qualifications and again these are stored hanging up to prevent creasing.

An extensive and regular cleaning and pressing programme complements our checking and repair processes to ensure that our gowns always look at the best.

So should you hire or buy your graduation robes? There is no doubt that having your graduation outfit is a wonderful memento of a very special day. However it has to be said that even at our very competitive prices buying is a lot more expensive than hiring. If you want to buy something, why not buy your hood or even your hat? This is a cheaper way to have something that you wore on the day, and will also take up less space in your wardrobe than a full gown.

The main reason for buying your graduation gown, hood and hat is if you are going to be using them for work or ceremonial occasions. The convenience and security of knowing you have your own outfit is well worth having, as is the chance to have the items made to meet your precise requirements. Our prices are extremely competitive and we believe we offer the best value for money in the market today.